Week In Review – 16 Feb 2010

Spent this Valentine’s Day in Houston Texas with my long time friend Wilson and his family. It was my first time visiting this coastal city in the Lone Star State, and I must say it is a vast metropolis filled with parks, medical centers, and energy companies.

Continuing from previous weeks, the feared coronavirus is still spreading. While its cure is yet to be developed, the transparency of the Chinese government in handling this epidemic is dubious and has hampered the resolution of this deadly disease.

I suppose the Chinese government’s going alone approach may be face saving for them, but the consequence of a pandemic is far more stark and devastating. Albeit unintentional, the impact is comparable to a state-sponsored crime.

Lastly, I am open to suggestions on ways to renew one’s spirit or so called food for the soul. Yes, commercial “Chicken Soups” for the soul line the bookstore shelves, but what works for some may not work for others. I am still searching for mine.

Have a nice week!

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