A Fulfilling Life?

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When examining how well life is lived, a fulfilling life is a common goal amongst many. The challenge typically lies in how to achieve such goal before one’s time runs out. Specifically, how does one know if s/he achieved a fulfilling life?

Of course, material things such as a big house and a nice car are easier to measure, if that is your definition of a fulfilling life.  Unfortunately, that is not the definition for me. What is a fulfilling life for me, you ask?

Well, mine is more nebulous.  As a retiree, I have reached what I called the low hanging fruits – milestones such as education, job, and family.  Low hanging not because they are easy but because they are more customary and subsequently measurable.

What remain in my view are harder to quantify. Possibilities include relationship, freedom, spiritual or life’s purpose, and the likes. What do they mean and how to quantify them are a task for me to figure out and clarify. No others can do it for me.

However, I am open to and welcome your suggestions.

What does a fulfilling life mean to you?

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