Conversation With Self

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This was one of my down days.  Not only unproductive, I had the patience of a bull in a china shop.  Not a good day to rush into any decisions.  They will most likely result in negative consequences.

Hence this conversation with self.  My attempt to lift myself out of the hole.  But my mood was dark.   As dark as the cloudy sky outside and the dim lit room inside. Prospect did not look good.

The facts that I couldn’t sleep last night, returning from travel, and my body adjusting back to the cold did not make things any easier. After tossing and turning until the weed hours, finally I dozed off  when my fatigue took over.

Needless to say I didn’t get enough sleep.  But, I knew it’s time for self compassion.  After all, no sense beating myself up when I was already feeling down.  Be gentle, I said.  The lethargic feeling over me was like the frozen ground outside – no growth, no movement, just there.  Yeah, right, self compassion.

What actually saved the day for me was my wife.  Yes, in spite of being through similar experiences as me, she prepared a nice dinner.  We watched a movie afterwards.  And my mood was lifted.

Such a lucky guy, I said to myself.


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