Week In Review – 23 Feb 2020

Who doesn’t want a fulfilling life?  Of course, Yes!  But obtaining that end goal is not an easy task, partly because the challenge of defining a fulfilling life.  The definition is subjective and varies with individuals.  Until the target is clear, its acquisition proves difficult.

Not only that.  At times getting through the present moment is challenging enough.  Just ask the millions of people who have been quarantined due to the novel Coronavirus (COVID-19).  Or on a more personal case was my own experience with the down day this week.

But I am not complaining. I have a wonderful spouse, supportive blogging community, and the triple crown of running, yoga, and meditation to keep me staying in my track. I am lucky and grateful for that. Hope you too can find support(s) in pursuing a fulfilling life.

Have a nice week!the

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