Getting Ready For COVID-19?

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US officials have warned the inevitable invasion of the COVID-19 (novel Coronavirus). The intent of their message no doubt is to prepare the public. But without much of the details, these warnings could have unintended consequences.

Should I stock up on groceries for 14 days? Buy up all the hand sanitizers on the store shelves? Or what?

Public pronouncement without specifics can be confusing and downright misleading. President Trump’s statement on the COVID-19 vaccine soon and San Francisco Mayor Breed declaring state of emergency are cases in point.

With the social media nowadays most folks are, or can get, up to speed on the COVID-19 including how fast it is spreading, to what country, how many deaths, and so on.  What the government needs to do is put out specific and actionable advisory for the public.

Don’t get me wrong, I am all for emergency preparedness.  How we go about it is my point. This is not the first transmittable disease ever happened in this country.  SARS, H1N1, MERS  just to name a few. Heck we deal with the seasonal flu every year (not saying we’re perfect at it).  But is there any reasons to panic? The answer is NO.

How are you going to get ready for the COVID-19?

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