Are You Worried?

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about the COVID-19?

If asked, my reply is no.  Because I believe or shall I say am brainwashed that worrying does nothing good.  The term is banished from my thinking.

Having said that, I find myself incessantly following the news reports about the COVID-19.  Where has it spread? How many? Is it trending up or down? And so on.   Anything has “latest” about the disease catches my attention.

It is a developing epidemic.  Something new that tests our ability to deal with it.  Human versus the virus, if you will. But my attention is beyond the novelty effect.  The COVID-19 has killed over 2,850 and will unfortunately be more before it runs its course, eventually.

What draws my attention is this:  how people deal with this epidemic exhibits much about their cultural history, values & beliefs from that part of the world where they live.  In other word, the context.  The lockdown of cities and millions of its people in China is a case in point.

And as the virus continues to spread, it’s more than China, South Korea, Iran, etc.  It is all of us.  The disease knows no borders.

Are you worried about the COVID-19?

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