The Right Question?

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(Statue of Socrates, the philosopher (469–399 BC), ancient Athenian philosopher. This is his statue, located before the Academy of Athens, Greece)

Believe it or not that the right question is more important than the right answers.

Nowadays with the reach of internet, plenty of data available.  A simple google search can yield thousand of returns in a fraction of a second. This amount of data is way more than we can ever digest. Such is the power of search engine and artificial intelligence.

Thus to avoid being inundated by data and more importantly get the answer we are looking for, best to  figure out first what is the right question to ask.  It will pay dividend down the road.  The process takes the form of critical thinking.

Take the COVID-19 epidemic for instance.  It is a novel Coronavirus. So there is no answer.  But what would it take to control the virus? To allocate available health care resources? To buy time so its origin and subsequent treatment and prevention can be determined?

Not saying these are the right questions, only what I can think of.  But you get the picture.



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Have You Got a Buddha Moment?

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