About Today (The Leap Year)

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A couple of noteworthy things about today: 1) It’s Feb 29 – a date happens every four years, 2) Today’s high temperature is 33 degree Fahrenheit in Washington DC area (the low is 23), 3) First US death by COVID-19 happened in the State of Washington.

Certainly many more, but these three pop into my head.

Frankly, I can’t remember what happened with the last leap year (in 2016).  Although merely four years ago, I am hopeless with details like that.  Surely a memorable day as well, but for reasons now escaped me, I blogged about “winning.”  On a leap year? What was I thinking?

On this leap year, the weather is brutally cold.

Twenty-seven degrees when I started my morning run.  And all I could think of was the wind it a chilling excursion.  Even with gloves, my fingers were uncomfortably numb.  I had to resort to putting plastic bags over my gloves to provide some insulations from the wind.

When I learned about the person in Washington died from the COVID-19, my feelings was mixed. It is now our (US) turn, I said to myself.

While unfortunate in that our health system could not save the person, I am sure it was not in vain.  For this case provides data that can be extrapolated to help researchers developing the cure and preventions. It is a race against time.

How is your leap year?

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