Begin With The End In Mind, Part 2

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This is one of the habits advocated by the late Stephen R. Covey of the “Seven Habits of Highly Effective People” fame.  Having the “End” in mind is useful in visualizing and clarifying the desired outcome(s) and paving the path to execution and obtainment.

I am all for this approach in my practices.  But when scaling it to one’s life is where I fumble.  Because I don’t know how I want my life to end.  Seriously,  how many people would think about their own funeral?  Or what other would eulogize about them?

Having said that, the question becomes more real as I get older each year.  So here I am taking another turn on that question. Here I go.  What important to me is my key relationships – my family.  For sure, I like to take care of my wife as long as I live.

So if my wife passes before me, I would not want to be a burden to my children.   I like to maintain a caring but independent relationship with them and commit myself to be physically and mentally healthy.  And when my time is up, I wish to go quickly.

Part 1, here.

What do you think about my end-in-mind?

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