On Being Happy

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The secret to happiness . . . [pause]. . . is an easier life.  Yes, the answer may disappoint you. But what I observed based on my 5 years in retirement that being happy really is simpler than people think. It’s reduction of the negatives.

At least that is the case for me.

Even if not yet retired, you can still have happiness within your reach. How? By removing the negatives.  Treat yourself to a day off, sleep in, or the meal you have been craving for, are examples.  In other words, substitute the negatives with positives.  Even temporarily, you will feel happier.

Otherwise, the choices of money, bigger car, or more of anything require effort.  Yes, like you might have heard: work hard and the reward will come.  Trouble is that is not happiness.  It’s delayed gratification. And, the reward may never happen.

A shift in perspective can make you happy.  Want to give it a try?


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