Unspoken Benefits of My Blogging

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“Creating space to express how I feel” is an unspoken benefit of my blogging.

Although the expressed purpose of this blog is a training journal for my marathon, I blog year round. And 20 weeks worth are focused on my marathon training. During that period I document what goes on with my workouts, thoughts about them, goals, and emotions.

Without the journal, everything good or bad about my training would melt into a blur. The trials and errors, what worked or not would be vanilla and impossible for me to learn or to improve upon. So the benefit of this training journal can not be overstated.

However for the reminder 60% of time when I am off-season, my blog serves as an outlet. Particularly after my retirement in 2015, I have gained much freedom for my time and thinking. My blog morphed into an online space for expressing my thoughts on various topics including life’s musing, politics, and weather.

Overall, it has become my soapbox on whatever moves me and a social platform that connects me with others who share my ideas. Not only on running, politics, weather, but so much more. I continue to benefit serendipitously from my blogging, way more than a training journal.

What do you get out of from blogging?

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