Week In Review – 8 Mar 2020

 Daylight saving time begins today.  If forgotten, you will find yourself late on things today.  By taking the advantage of daylight, we can perhaps face the COVID-19 disease smarter than what the US government has been doing. Speaking of which, here are the updates:

COVID-19 Status:  109,648 infected, 3,802 deaths, 60,956 recovered worldwide and  464, 19, & 15 respectively in the US.  The numbers in the US are under-reported due to our lack of the test kits.  Impact of this COVID-19 has social, economic and potentially political impacts as well.

Mr. Trump apparently does not practice begin with the end in mind and is now faced with an epidemic crisis on his laps.  Don’t think he can bluff his way through this.  The resources of the American people are what I believe will carry us through. Not the politicians.

Particularly, we need to replace panic with information, myth with personal hygiene, and isolationism with cooperation.  In due time, the COVISD-19 will be eradicated. And you can count on that I will here to blog about it.

Have a nice week!

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