Spring Is Here

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Even though first day of Spring is still 10 days away according to the calendar, my senses tell me that it is already here.  How do I know? You ask.

One, temperature forecast has today’s high as 72 degree fahrenheit. This is what I checked before I headed out for my run.  Two, buds on some of the trees are starting to come through. And three, birds are back and chirping along the way, announcing the arrival of the Spring.

Of course the trees and birds don’t need calendar nor temperature gauge to follow. Unlike me, they follow Mother Nature by instinct. If I have anything remotely close to that claim, that would be my nose.  More precisely, my sinus allergic reactions: symptoms of running nose, itchy eyes, and sneezings.

I suppose like the trees and birds, I too follow the Mother Nature to welcome the Spring in my own way. That is how I know the Spring is here.

Do you think Spring is here?

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