COVID-19 Pandemic – Finally!

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We now have a COVID-19 pandemic according to the World Health Organization (WHO) today. My first blush response after hearing the announcement was “no kidding, Sherlock.” What took so long?

Since the COVID-19 began in China four months ago, over four thousand people worldwide have died as a result. And the number continues to climb.  Although, the death toll is below a million, the disease has spread with speed to 122 countries and territories during this period.

Instead of standing on the sideline and watching the early affected countries and their citizens (millions in lockdowns) suffer, the world could have jumped in to help. Isn’t that the role of the WHO – exerting leadership in coordinating and directing resources to combat disease?

Delaying the WHO declaration mean not only more deaths but also greater damages to our economy and societal well being. We are not alone in this global village. With unprecedented speed in mobility, the full effect of this pandemic is yet to be realized.  Our collective response is better sooner than later.

The race is on to find the cure.

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