Self Love Revisited, Part 4,

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The term “self love” was a difficult phrase for me to utter. After some conscious efforts, I have gotten better in articulating it.  However, I am still a student on the subject.

Whether the self love or self compassion, I use them interchangeably,  It means taking care of myself – antithesis of pain.  Even though I run marathons, the activity itself is not contradictory with the self love/ compassion.  More on this later.

First, the phrase “no-pain no-gain” usually said it with bravado in my younger years is definitely not what I believe anymore. Pain is real and should not be ignored.  It is our body’s queue of something is wrong either physically, emotionally, or maybe both.

Two, several factors are crucial in taking care of the self: generosity of time and patience,  intent to understand, and unconditional empathy.  We are all unique.  The more we can afford on these factors the better discovery of ourselves.

Three, investment in relationship is making deposit.  Such as my marathon training. It is what I invest in myself. The race itself is a manifestation of accomplishing something beyond ordinary.  Something special and an experience of self love that I treasure.

Part 3, here.

How would you define Self Love?

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