Week In Review – 15 Mar 2020

First the status on the COVID-19:  169,354 infected, 6,500 deaths, 76,618 recovered worldwide and  3,667, 68, & 59 respectively in the US.  Still no vaccine nor cure yet.

Now the disease has been declared a pandemic, notifications of the COVID-19 from local government officials, businesses, airlines, grocery stores, and you name it having been landing in my inbox.  The gists of these messages? Maintain social distance and hygiene.

These heightened attentions intensify the anxiety of unknown and stoke the fear of  indiscriminate killer – does not care race, gender, or color.  Would the US follow other countries’ examples of quarantine or dare I say lockdown? Don’t know.  But the government progress has been slow.

Nevertheless, here are some respites from the epidemic: Spring has arrived at the Mid-Atlantic.   It’s mid March.  Safe to say no more snow (fingers crossed).  Fond memory of the Fridays from my prior life still brings me warmness.  For sure, take good care of yourself, especially in time like this.

Have a nice week.

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