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With the pandemic of COVID-19, life as we know it has changed.  For the worse, I may add.  Especially, listening to the news about closures of schools, restaurants, buildings around the metropolises, it reminds me of another p-word, pandemonium.

Not saying that is what’s actually happening but more a sense of this life-changing event to me.  And the chaos is far from over.  When China was going through it, I was stunned but from a distance.  Could only imagine what people there were going through. Now, it’s our turn.

This saga will continue for a while unfortunately.  Hope people will remain vigilant, calm, and informed about the disease and how best to avoid it. We need time to flatten the curve.  Meanwhile, it may feel like a pandemonium, but that’s okay.

Understandable emotions during emergencies can be rampant.  These reactions are valid according to experts.  The question becomes how do we deal with them?

Of course, being a ball of anxiety isn’t exactly the healthiest way to get through this difficult time, so instead, approach your emotions gently. Examine your fears. Talk to loved ones about them (even if it’s just over the phone). And, most importantly, stay safe and informed (Source: CNN 5 things)

How are you surviving this pandemic?

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