Witnessing History

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Without a doubt, we are in a period that will be recorded in history as the COVID-19 Pandemic of 2020.  While in it, uncertainty of the contagious disease’s track creates anges and other heartfelt emotions for all.  Completely natural and understandable reactions.

How we react to this pandemic varies as much as the number of people affected.  Annoyed, scared, confused, panicking, you name it.  But one thing is certain, we are in the midst of this history being made regardless what the outcome may be.  Kinda like having a petri dish of our own.

Day by day, the COVID-19 news send our emotion through a rollercoaster ride hitting the high and low moments. What feelings that stir deep inside?  What about them that keep us up at night and why? And what gives us hope to keep going?

When the pandemic is over (and yes this too shall pass), we know history was in the making – when the cure for the infection developed, the vaccine being invented, or the financial market tanked like a rock –  right where we were.

Whatever the outcomes, face our fears, courage, and self determination head-on. This mindfulness will make us coming out a better person. Otherwise, it will be just an emotional blur that fades into distant memory.

What has been your most indelible memory of the pandemic thus far?

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2 Responses to Witnessing History

  1. OmniRunner says:

    I guess being told to go home by my VP. I was in the office last Tuesday and around 1pm my VP saw me walking around. He sent a company wide email reminding us of what he meant by work from home if you can.
    I know it’s not always abut me, but he’s not a confrontational guy and this was his way of telling me to get out.
    That was weird!


    • terryshen says:

      Yes Andy, it’s a difficult time we face, and social distancing is weird. Short of coming up with the cure and vaccine for the pandemic, we are being subjected to this unusual measure. It only gets worse if the government had to intervene and start to lockdown places. Such are the cases in CA, NJ, NY, WA and other states to lesser degree. Stay healthy.


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