United We Stand (Against COVID-19)


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If you are like me tired of reading the COVID-19 bad news, below is one that shed light on the opposite – inspiration and hope that say we will beat the pandemic.

The news is that 40,000 New Yorkers answered Governor Cuomo’s call to join the surge healthcare force in fighting the COV ID-19.  The news came same day as the US Congress approved a historical relief package of $2 trillion dollars.

While the money is useful, people is more critical at this junction.  Given the contagious  rate, we need medical people to handle the sicked and infected in order to stay ahead of the virus.

Hospitals with beds can be built in 10 days (China did it).  But to have qualified personnel in short order is a different story.  Hence the strategy of social distancing to slow down the infection within the infrastructure capacity.

The surge force reflects the can-do spirit of people helping people and the hidden connection of “social solidarity.”  It transcends race, color, religion, etc. It warms my heart to read such story.  Hope it does you too.

United we stand, divided we fall.

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