Week In Review – 29 Mar 2020


Above, is an update on the COVID-19 outbreak as of this morning (The New York Times is offering it as a public service by tracking these data and making them available for free).

The US has the dubious title of overtaking China or anywhere else, for that matter, on the number infected (123,804), and second on death (2,231) to Italy (10,023).

All 50 states are infected with 17 of them having cases over 1000.  The infected number will increase as more test kits become available in the coming week.  A collateral damage of the pandemic is the economy (not only in US but global).

In an effort to revive the economy, President Trump wants to re-open business by Easter (April 12).  Good intention on his part, but the experts’ advice is against it for the fear of lifting social distancing too soon will trigger more infections.

No question, the country (and the world) is facing a difficult time.  How each is dealing with this challenge tells a great deal about the people.  It’s both revealing and history in the making.  To overcome this pandemic, we must be strong and follow our heart.

Stay safe and have a nice week.


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