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What I learned From COVID-19?

As devastating as the COVID-19 is, this natural disaster strikes across political, socioeconomic, gender, and racial divides. We are not prepared on some many levels, but what the outbreak exposes are telling.   Inequality of wealth in America A wide disparity … Continue reading

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Home During the Pandemic

A few months ago, I wrote that home is “where everything is,” and there is no place like home.  That was before the pandemic COVID-19 struck.  Subsequently, one-third of the world’s populations have been confined to their homes under government … Continue reading

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Thanks For Being Me

  Who am I?  What value do I hold? What am I good at?  These kinds of questions used to give me the willies.  They compelled me to search for answers that implicitly meeting someone else’s expectations.  Scenarios like on … Continue reading

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Lockdown – 1 Month And Counting

  It has been a month since the Stay-home order was issued by the local authority. Already? Not too soon? How much longer? All these emotions churn in my head on this milestone with incredible awe.  Indeed we are bearing … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 26 Apr 2020

Seems what our country needs in the midst of this COVID-19 outbreak are inspiration and leadership. But strange enough, both are hard to come by. Certainly not from our political leaders – not Messrs Trump, Biden, McConnell, nor Speaker Pelosi. … Continue reading

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Thank You Mr. President

  On Thursday, during his press briefing, Mr. Trump suggested the sun, heat, and disinfectant are good to kill the coronavirus.  And I wholeheartedly agreed. As such, I ran 10 miles this morning in a beautiful and sunny weather, experiencing … Continue reading

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Who Is That Masked Man?

  Uh, that would be me. The social distancing order has been updated to require wearing  mask in public gathering places like groceries stores and mass transits. This change has not come easy for me.  Only a couple of weeks … Continue reading

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Discovering Needs Through Data

  Loyalty programs such as the frequent flyer, shopper, or [filling the blank] are set up to collect customer data. What is the purpose of such data? Generally, it’s to generate more profit for the business. Pretty straight forward, right? … Continue reading

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Late April Run

  On this blustery April day, traces of the winter linger on.  A glance at my backyard temperature gauge that reads 52 degree (Fahrenheit).  The afternoon sun’s golden ray washes over me. I feel the road was calling. So armed … Continue reading

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Should I Write 2020 Off?

  Slowly I am coming to the realization that my 2020 marathon may not happen this year. The race I am talking about is the Erie Marathon.  Currently, its website still has 13 September 2020 as the race date.  But … Continue reading

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