Playing Politics Or Abuse Of Power?

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In this critical time of COVID-19 outbreak in the US, not a single state is immune from the virus, shouldn’t the federal government’s efforts be equitable towards all Americans?

That apparently is not the case with Mr. Trump. States headed by the Democrats like Michigan, New York, and Washington are not getting the support as others headed by Republicans such as Florida. Gov. DeSantis is a loyal Trump supporter.

Federal resources are built on the backs of all Americans through taxation, regardless of their party affiliation.  When Mr. Trump plays politics with federal emergency response/ disaster relief, he is taking advantage of the situation for payback.  In other words, abusing the power of the presidency.

Sure, one can say that at least our people are not being beaten or worse shot by police for  not adhering to the lockdowns.  The answer is “not yet.”  That day may come if Mr. Trump is allowed to order a national shutdown.

Are you familiar with the term “shock therapy“?

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