Week In Review – 5 Apr 2020

As the nations agonizing over the damages caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, people are confronted with gut-wrenching decisions that test our collective conscious: Who gets a ventilator? Is any life expendable? How much individual liberty should be subservient to public good?

A trying time, no doubt.  How we deal with the adversities says a lot about who we are. Personally, I have issues with some seeking personal gain from the situation based on their positions, connections, or whatnot.  Just because one can does not mean one should.

Also, it is okay to be scared but not behaving recklessly.  Maybe we’re all unique. So issues such as the ventilator necessitate the role of governments. But even so, we each have a part in the process.  Leading or following, we are all in it together.

Stay safe & have a nice week

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Have You Got a Buddha Moment?

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