“1,858” – What Does It Mean?

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That is the number of Americans died yesterday from the COVID-19.  Yes, in one day. I have been staring at that number and trying to grasp its sheer magnitude. 1-8-5-8 (One thousand eight hundred and fifty-eight).

The number may seem relatively insignificant comparing to the entire country (as of yesterday, the US has 418,185 infected & 14,257 died). But almost two thousand lives was lost in the last 24 hours, a fatality only imaginable in my mind to a war scenario. Not to mention the bulk of the deaths were from New York City (806).

The impact, I surmise, is much more severe on the medical staff & first responders – people who are deep in the trenches, fighting against this outbreak and keeping our systems working. Take NYC for instance, 41 of its Metro workers, 4 in grocery and retailing, and 1 ER nurse have died from the virus.

Devastating when one’s comrade-in-arms has fallen.

Some say that the social distancing is working.  The curve has been flattened.  Maybe it is true, but not for the 1,858 souls that were lost yesterday in America and many more around the world.  Let’s keep the good fight and beat COVID-19, so less people have to die.

How do you comprehend the COVID-19 statistics?  Number of infected, died, and recovered?

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2 Responses to “1,858” – What Does It Mean?

  1. Honestly having a hard time getting my head around it. Hearing that an ER nurse died from it helps me emotionally register something that I hadn’t before. Thanks.


    • terryshen says:

      It is the ultimate sacrifice when one gives his or her life for a cause. That‘s why in this fight against the COVID-19, the medical personnel as well as first responders are heros. We should do whatever we can to ”flatten the curve“ so they can hanle this crisis on the frontline. Otheriwse, the number goes up. Much more. Thanks for sharing.


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