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Let me see, the dishes can wait.  It’s Friday after dinner. Time to kick back and relax. Enjoy the weekend, right? On second thought, isn’t that what I have been doing all week under the stay-at-home order?  Oh yeah, weekdays and weekend are no different now.

A windy day today.   Temperature never made it to 50 degree (Fahrenheit).  Poor thing.  The wind, oh yes, curse the wind.  To me, it makes all the differences. . .  windchill only 37 degree.  Cursing it under my breath going to the grocery store earlier.

Even though did not get everything on my list, I didn’t feel venturing afar.  This would have to do as I stared the items in my grocery bag.   Besides, mask, gloves, and keeping 6 feet for social distancing, so much like a twilight zone.  Better just staying at home.

Would the pandemic forever change our lifestyle?  Maybe. Among other things, I did hear some creative people doing Happy Hours online.  For me life remains pretty much the same.  Minor inconveniences here and there, but nothing to lose sleep over.

How significant has your way of life being changed due to COVID-19?

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