Post Running Chill

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My Saturday runs are longer in distance and duration.  Which means I am exposed in the weather element to a greater extent.  In warmer months, my skin tan is a dead giveaway.  But in the cooler moths, an interesting phenomenon happens – I end up an icicle for rest of the day.

Take this morning’s run for instance, temperature was 37 degrees (Fahrenheit) when I started. (By the way, cold is never a problem during the run.)  My body generates enough heat that I sweated while running.  But afterwards is a different story, that I not only get cold quickly but remain cold for a long while.

The temperature outside has since climbed above 60.  Even after a meal, a hot shower and layered in sweater, socks, and long pants, I still feel the chill internally. In my joints, knees and toes.  As if my core got frozen from the run, it is taking me rest of the day to thaw it out.

Have you ever experienced the chill?  If so, what do you do to get warm?



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