Social Distancing Etiquette?


The COVID-19 pandemic has one-third of the world’s population in lockdown of some form.  This is an unprecedented governments’ attempt to slow down the spread of the virus through social distancing. One third.  Imaging that. 

But social distancing is not an oxymoron. Social isolation is. In spite of this unusual time, many are united by the circumstance, not only surviving the social distancing but thriving in finding hope and encouragement.  The “True Colors” above performed by the UK’s Camden Voices is such an example. 

In that spirit, what etiquette can we come up that could help us better at the social distancing, maintaining our connections as a community, and getting through this pandemic together with grace and compassion?

Here are few examples for starters: 6 foot separation in line for personal/ physical space, bow or namaste greeting in lieu of handshaking or kissing, and coughing into the elbow. They may become the new or not so new norm in the future.  But for now, I am all good with them.

What social distancing etiquette would you suggest? 

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