Responsibility Vs Authority

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Mr. Trump took no responsibility for the federal government’s debacle in handling the pandemic that is plaguing the country.  But he blatantly claimed total authority to re-opening the country.  Only to be embarrassed to reverse himself a day later.

Current administration’s snafu is not something I like to emphasize.  They are simply too many and mind boggling.  But Mr. Trump’s stunning ignorance of how our government operates is just too much to let it slide.  And he is our president.

Still, I give Mr. Trump credit for showing his true colors.  At a minimum, he is consistent and predictable, albeit in the wrong direction where I think president should lead.  The question is will the voters see the same comes this November?

Do you think we are ready to resume business in view of the pandemic?

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2 Responses to Responsibility Vs Authority

  1. yogaseema says:

    Certainly not! As for Trump, simply put, he is a narcissist but I truly don’t believe he has any idea that he is one. He creates chaos, not because it’s his intention but because he just does and has no awareness. His personality trait is to see what he can get away with, like that of a child as he doesn’t have any parameters to gage himself. My prayer is that we get through this without too many casualties but people need to take responsibility for voting him into power. However, that said, those same people sadly have confidence in him and his lack of abilities to run this nation. I truly feel that it needs to start with education. So sad to see how we missed the ball. Just grateful for our Governor in California.


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