Between Words And Numbers

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Numbers carry credibility. They are clear, easy to grasp and speak to the brain. Words on the other hand are more abstract. They convey feelings, context, and comfort the heart. Each has its advantages.  And we need both to compel action and inspire hope.

At this time, when the COVID-19 is plaguing our country, we are sorely missing both from the government on how to get through this crisis.  Meanwhile, the numbers of daily fatalities are heart wrenching.  And the words from the White House are flipping.

Regrettably, they are opposite of what people need to hear.  In bequeathing our liberty through social distancing, we receive no reassurance from the government if that approach is working nor guidance on how much longer will our sacrifice be required.

Is it too much to ask what is the strategy from our government?  What are the President’s roles versus the Governors’?

Tell me a story if they must.  Just make the story  a good one with convincing numbers and inspiring words.  A strategy that explains the steps needed to get to the numbers.

Do you think I am asking too much?

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