Week In Review – 19 Apr 2020

When it comes to the COVID-19, some are talking about “back to normal” referring to life after the pandemic.  I believe such talk is premature. Even though, antiviral and vaccine are in the work, it will take at least a year of clinical trial before a vaccine can be available to the public.

And when we do get the virus under control, meaning its spread slowing, the recovery is going to be a slow process.  Dare I say on a scale of not days or months but maybe years?  Further, it will be a new normal as we know it.

Thus far, one-third of the world population have been under lockdowns, two millions infected, over 160 thousand deaths, and counting. Things will not be the same when the Great Lockdown is finally passed.  History will remember this period, and how it impacted us. All of us.

At risk of sounding pessimistic, our reactions to the outbreak has been lax.  Not saying the Chinese government’s draconian actions to control the virus is better. Only that I am disappointed with our government for lacking a strategy, particularly Mr. Trump‘s handling of this crisis.

Collectively, we will learn, but until it’s over . . .

Stay safe and have a nice week.

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