Should I Write 2020 Off?

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Slowly I am coming to the realization that my 2020 marathon may not happen this year.

The race I am talking about is the Erie Marathon.  Currently, its website still has 13 September 2020 as the race date.  But registration for the race has been put on hold.  Because the park  is closed due to the epidemic.

Will it be open by September?  Don’t know.  There lies my dilemma: should I start my training next week in anticipation of the park will be open by 13 September? Shoot for some other race later? Or call it an off-year all together?

And I am not alone in this dilemma.  400 runners have already registered for the Erie marathon before it was put on hold.  Even the indomitable Boston Marathon with 31,000 registered runners has been postponed this year to 14 September, a day after the Erie’s.

What chance do you think any race will happen this year?


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