Late April Run

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On this blustery April day, traces of the winter linger on.  A glance at my backyard temperature gauge that reads 52 degree (Fahrenheit).  The afternoon sun’s golden ray washes over me. I feel the road was calling.

So armed with my windbreaker and hat, I ventured out for an afternoon jog.

The windchill made a lair out of the temperature gauge.  I shuttered when the wind caught me as I closed the door behind me. Instinctively, I reached down and pulled the zipper on my windbreaker as high as it could go while pressing down on my brim with other hand to make sure my hat not getting blown away.

I really don’t care for the Mid-Atlantic wind.

Others were out there as well. Probably bored by the staying-at-home order also.  Nevertheless, we took our perspective moves, yielded, and kept our social distancing. In an attempt to show my appreciation and friendliness, I waved.  Somehow it didn’t feel genuine.

At least, we were all trying to keep ourselves safe and healthy.

What are your routines staying at home?

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