Who Is That Masked Man?

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Uh, that would be me. The social distancing order has been updated to require wearing  mask in public gathering places like groceries stores and mass transits. This change has not come easy for me.  Only a couple of weeks ago, I would not be caught dead with a mask.

You see, besides the Batman, I associated mask with characters of illegitimate intentions – bank robbers, for example, who need to conceal their identity for shady business. Besides we were saving the masks for a higher purpose, the medical and other first responders.

That was until the Center for Disease Control and Prevention changed its position earlier this month.  Citing asymptomatic transmission in the early stage of the COVID-19, the CDC reversed its position and recommended mask for the public.  Bummer!

Now, I have no cover for not wearing a mask.  Bank robber or not.

What’s your thought on wearing a mask?

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