Thank You Mr. President

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On Thursday, during his press briefing, Mr. Trump suggested the sun, heat, and disinfectant are good to kill the coronavirus.  And I wholeheartedly agreed.

As such, I ran 10 miles this morning in a beautiful and sunny weather, experiencing lots of heat as evident by the amount of sweat I perspired. And my postrun euphoria, as usual, affirmed the reason why I run –  for my health. Plus a little disinfectant never hurt.

While feeling invincible, I had to ponder on the inquiry that Mr. Trump was suggesting:  introducing the trio of sun, heat, and disinfectant inside of my body to kill the virus in the event I were infected with COVID-19.

Surely with all the smart advisors that Mr. Trump has, maybe they are onto something?  After all he is the most powerful person in the richest country of  the free world.  Would it be good if we can get rid of the virus with all the things we have?

Not sure about the sun and heat inside, I am kinda stuck on the bleach (disinfectant) part.  That sounds way too interesting.  I wonder if other country around the world (China, France, Italy?) has thought about it? Or even tried it?

One thing I am positive and want to be clear here is that I am being sarcastic!

God Bless America!

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1 Response to Thank You Mr. President

  1. OmniRunner says:

    LOL! Maybe we can all climb inside of an autoclave! I hear they are great at sterilizing things also. But I guess people are not things.

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