Lockdown – 1 Month And Counting

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It has been a month since the Stay-home order was issued by the local authority. Already? Not too soon? How much longer? All these emotions churn in my head on this milestone with incredible awe.  Indeed we are bearing witnesses to this history in the making.

When looking at China’s 2.5 months of lockdown, I wondered how residents of Wuhan survived. Wonder no more, here we are one month into it. The effect? Traffic has been light, air is cleaner, noise down. People adjust and get used to it.  Maybe.

“Maybe” because apparently that sentiment is not shared by everyone as the anti-lockdown protests have been sprawling around the country. Domestic violence, unemployment, and Netflix binge watching are on the rise while businesses dwindle.

And the worst of it all is that no end in sight. Yeah, the stay-home order for the most part is a placeholder. Meaning it can be extended if necessary. The prevaililng perspective is that it will run through this summer. Probably longer.

Life has been disrupted for sure and lost for some.  Only time will tell what the new normal will look like.  Until then, keep counting.

In what ways has your life been impacted by COVID-19? 


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