Home During the Pandemic

A few months ago, I wrote that home is “where everything is,” and there is no place like home.  That was before the pandemic COVID-19 struck.  Subsequently, one-third of the world’s populations have been confined to their homes under government orders to maintain social distancing.

What about now?  Has my view about the home changed? Is it still the place like no others?  My answer remains the same that home is still my choice – a safe and familiar surrounding if maintained properly.  That is why self quarantine is done at home.

Certainly, I understand that too much of a good thing can drive anybody up the wall.  Just today, my neighbor complained in passing that he can’t sit at home all day.  I believe the key is in the term “too much.”  Allow me to explain.

If the home is treated as an escape from the outside world, a temporary refuge, then it’s only a matter of time that this sanctuary will turn into a prison.  Given the pandemic is still in full swing, the prison term will be a while.

However, that need not to be the case.  I view my home as my base where my heart resides.  It energizes, relaxes, and protects me all in one place, and has room for me to go deeper, to invest, and enjoy.  In other words, I never view it as “too much” of a good thing.

Do you think being an introvert makes a difference?

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