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Week In Review – 31 May 2020

After 10 weeks since Mr. Trump declared a national emergency on COVID-19, the outbreak does not look anywhere near confined.  As of today, 1.8M Americans have been infected and 106K died. Understandably, people are getting antsy and looking for alternatives. … Continue reading


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Reblog: Do Runners Need to Wear Masks?

To wear mask or not while running?  That is the question every runner faces during this pandemic.  Due to public health considerations, this question has been hot subject of debates by runners and spectators alike. Now, the New York Times … Continue reading

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The Lost Year?

  As the month of May coming to an end, it appears that 2020 will be a fateful year for hundreds and millions people. Over 360 thousand lives lost due to the pandemic, and close to 6 million people infected.  … Continue reading

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Alternative To Staying-at-home

  Two months has passed since the stay home order was implemented. While the trend on COVID-19 infection rate has been decreasing, time has come, out of necessity, to considering other options. And the government is the agency in question. … Continue reading

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COVID-19: US Update 2

  While New York reported the lowest COVID-19 death rate today, the number at the national level broke past 100,000.  Where do we stand with this virus?  More importantly, are we winning or losing? Report by Vox shows a not … Continue reading

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Confronting Scofflaw – A Good News

  Scofflaw is a term for a person who flout or violate the law. Certainly there are a varying degrees of scofflaw.  Speeding and parking meter violation are examples lessor infractions than say robbing a bank. Here s a real … Continue reading

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Meaning Of Life – Decoded

  You reap what you sow. Meaning in life depends on what individuals do.  Specifically, the consequences resulted from one’s actions over time. So when pondering on the meaning of life, good to examine one’s actions. Because: Sow a thought, … Continue reading

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Week In Review – 24 May 2020

It’s Memorial Day weekend.  Thinking of those who have fallen serving the country on this holiday, it’s not lost on me that more Americans have been killed by the coronavirus in last three months than the Vietnam War, Gulf War, … Continue reading

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The Ugly Truth

  The US leads the world as a developed country with an advanced economy.  So they say. We are highly specialized and flushed with material goods.  The envy of the world.  That is until the COVID-19 pandemic. Peeling back the … Continue reading

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Personal Truth & Life Experience

  Personal truth comes from experience.  Specifically, personal life experience.  It differs from universal truth which is factual. Personal truth comes with liberty of its owner – that it works – regardless what others say or think. So, when Mr. … Continue reading

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