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It is the month of May. And more than half of the states have openned or partially openned their businesses from the lockdown. The impact of such moves is yet to be determined, but surely further spread of the virus from the increased contacts.

Regardless the outcome, one risk we don’t have to take is the general election in November. The election is mandated by the US Constitutions.  With the on-going COVID-19, voter turnout is a real concern. Hence, the alternative of vote-by-mail.

In a USA TODAY poll, two-thirds of Americans support voting by mail as an alternative to voting in person on Election Day during the coronavirus pandemic. And the procedure is nothing new. Five states already all vote-by-mail anyway. And every state has provisions for absentee ballot according to the

So why not do it? You ask? Apparently, Mr. Trump and the Republican Party want to maintain the status quo and their incumbent advantage by not risking anything different form the 2016 election.  Plus foreign influences from Russia and China are legitimate concerns.

We still have 6 months till the election.  Seems the prudent thing to do is get-ready now: printing the ballots, mock elections to work out the kinks.  So to avoid a train collision in November.

Will you vote by mail?

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