Week In Review – 10 May 2020

During this COVID-19 pandemic, clarity is rare while uncertainty is rampant. Nobody knows how it will end.  Meanwhile, bad news fill the page: economy tanking, death toll climbing, unemployment skyrocketed. The future as far as anyone can tell is gloomy.

But these catastrophes are our human responses to the pandemic and bear little resemblance to what in the natural order.  Don’t believe it?  Check for yourself.  The outside world looks indifferent to the sufferings we are experiencing.

As far as Mother Nature is concerned, sun is still shining, trees growing and birds chirping  All ready to welcoming the warmer and brighter climate of the coming summer. Nothing unusual, except maybe the polar vortex.

Therefore, much of what we are feeling can be ameliorated if only our leaders are faithful to what they are elected to serve and not mired in the politics.  And we do our part such as the election in November to keep them accountable.

Stay safe & have a nice week!

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