Painting With Words

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Painter uses a brush, and writer employees a pen.  Both are sharing a story just their mediums are different.  But their creative processes are more similar than what the end products appear – book versus painting.

Perhaps because I can’t paint, words are more appealing to me. They are expressive and can describe different colors, shapes, smells, and sounds.  To convey a story, words may demand longer attention span from readers than a painting.  But not always.

My favorite is by Ernest Hemingway: For Sale: baby shoes, never worn.  In six words, it shows that more is not necessarily better.  What unsaid are like the blank spaces on a canvass  leaving more to the recipients’ imagination.

Hemingway is known for his direct writing style.  Most other writings take more, much more, than six words.  But the idea of painting with words remains valid.

What is your preferred writing style?


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