Living Without Fear


Living without fear is a choice.  So much in life are worth celebrating. Every day is a miracle that we are part of its creation.  Partake in this creative process is a blessing. Why let fear robs that opportunity away.

Yes, COVID-19 has lots of people afraid.  After all, over 84 thousand people died in the US from it (and 296 thousands worldwide) thus far.  Who knows how many more before it’s over.  But why dwell on that?  Better to focus on what is personally achievable instead.

For instance, I run for my health.  I would not let the COVID-19 stop me from running, or living for that matter.  I practice social distancing for sure.  But I still wave while crossing others safely during my run.  Social distancing is not social isolation. I am not going to let anyone rob me of my life.

If anything, the pandemic provides a common bond for us all.  Something we can relate to and striving toward its eradication, a shared goal everywhere on this planet.  Until that happens and beyond, I will live without fear.

What worries do you have about the pandemic?

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