Morning Run At C&O Canal



Mere a week ago, I ran in the temperature of 40’s (Fahrenheit).  Today in the 70’s.  The contrast could not be more telling.  A week ago, it was cold and windy (thanks to the polar vortex) with few people on the trail.  Today, just the opposite, full house.  Folks were out in force.

And it wasn’t just the people, animals as well.  Pictured above was taken by fellow SRC runner YC this morning at the C&O Canal Towpath. The heron was focusing on capturing its morning treat while being captured on camera itself.

Having less people out and about due to the lockdown results in unintended positive consequences.  One of which is more animals have been reported to enjoy their freedom without human interference.

Other examples include the longest pedestrian fatality-free  in New York City on record and improved air quality around the globe.  While too early to pass on judgement on this pandemic, one thing is certain: our life will not be the same, not for a long while.

Any positive change due to the pandemic have you noticed?

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