COVID-19 Finger Pointing

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While the COVID-19 is plaguing the US and other countries around the world, the blame game has started.

The headline reads, “Members Of WHO Vote On The Need To Investigate Global Coronavirus Response.”  137 of the 194 members to the World Health Organization agreed and voted to conduct this independent investigation.

What to investigate?  It should include a probe of “the actions of WHO and their time-lines pertaining to the Covid-19 pandemic”.  Sure, fact finding is necessary in any lessons learned, but in the midst of a pandemic?

Finger pointing is no help to average folks like you and me sheltering at home.  But it’s useful to politicians in shifting the blame to others and, of course, not themselves.  Mr. Trump calls WHO a puppet of China and slow in alerting the world about the deadly virus.

Further, he threatens to withdraw the US funding and membership from the organization. By the same token, Mr. Trump’s handling of the COVID-19 has a lot to be desired.  Should the US voters withdraw their support from him this November as well?

Do you think the COVID-19 is a natural disaster or human catastrophe?

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