COVID-19 & Social Changes

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Social distancing reduces interactions.  It is intended to slow down the spread of the virus,  a human intervention out of necessity.  As results, schools, churches, and other venues are canceled.  In their places come social media and technologies to fill the void.

To some, it is an unplanned social experiment.  Companies are already taking advantage of this pandemic to reshape their workforce and process.  Online learning has moved from back-burner to front-center.  The pandemic has served a catalyst to push the technological possibilities/ constraints.

But humans are social beings.  In other words, we need each others.  Through interactions, we achieve collaboration, relationship, and a host of other behavioral necessities to make our society function.

To what extent will the social media and technologies replace or modify our behaviors?  Where is the balance?  The answer maybe “a lot” as we become more innovative with the limits brought about by the pandemic.

Where do you think the balance lies?

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1 Response to COVID-19 & Social Changes

  1. earthskyair says:

    You are right. Humans are social beings. We do need each other. Technology can supplement, but it is not healthy as our predominate mode of interactions. Good post.

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