Personal Truth & Life Experience

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Personal truth comes from experience.  Specifically, personal life experience.  It differs from universal truth which is factual. Personal truth comes with liberty of its owner – that it works – regardless what others say or think.

So, when Mr. Trump says the he is taking the antimalaria drug hydroxychloroquine against the COVID-19, I say good for him.  Maybe that is what he believes, or his personal truth if you will.  And it could make “a real difference” for Mr. Pence.

A personal truth for me is that I don’t trust people who lie.  And Mr. Trump has earned the honor to be on top of my list.  Almost nothing he says sticks with me.  Certainly, I would not follow his advise about the hydroxychloroquine.

But, I would not stop anybody who choose to follow Mr. Trump’s medical advise. After all, no one knows what will work for sure when it comes to COVID-19, and Mr. Trump is the (US) President.  Who knows, maybe his followers find their personal truth with him.  Whom am I to judge.

Do you think about the FDA’s warning against the hydroxychloroquine?

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