Confronting Scofflaw – A Good News

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Scofflaw is a term for a person who flout or violate the law. Certainly there are a varying degrees of scofflaw.  Speeding and parking meter violation are examples lessor infractions than say robbing a bank.

Here s a real incident where scofflaw met justice, social justice if you will.  Mr. Christian Cooper was bird-watching in Central Park, NYC.  He confronted a woman who was walking her dog violating the leashing requirement.

Instead complying, the woman called the police and claimed Cooper, who is black, was threatening her and her dog. She explicitly made that a point of Cooper being an African-american and how she was threaten by him, despite the contrary captured on the video.

The NYC Police did not arrest anybody from the confrontation.  But the justice was served when Franklin Templeton, the woman’s employer, learned about the incident, conducted its own internal review, and terminated the woman’s employment with the company.

The dog not on the leash was a minor infraction.  But lying about the Mr. Cooper and playing the race card to boost her claim was major in her attempt to smear him and violate his civil liberty.  Franklin Templeton made a correct decision.

And my hat off to Christian Cooper for standing his ground.

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