COVID-19: US Update 2

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While New York reported the lowest COVID-19 death rate today, the number at the national level broke past 100,000.  Where do we stand with this virus?  More importantly, are we winning or losing?

Report by Vox shows a not so promising picture: while the social distancing is working, the outbreak is spreading from urban to rural America, from wealthy to working-class.  Among all the states, 13 are reporting increases in infection cases, and 17 (including the District of Columbia) reporting decreases.

In other words, not ready to celebrate.  Especially, with the reopening wave in the recent weeks and the Memorial Day weekend crowds, the jury is still out.  Whether the infection trend is up or down only time could tell.  Worse yet, US COVID-19 testing progress is still behind.

What next?  Don’t know.  We will catch up with the testings as well as vaccine development, one day.  Problem is no one knows when that day will be. But it’s looking more like the next year. Meanwhile, plenty of challenges remains.

Update #1, here.

To be continued.


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