Alternative To Staying-at-home

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Two months has passed since the stay home order was implemented. While the trend on COVID-19 infection rate has been decreasing, time has come, out of necessity, to considering other options. And the government is the agency in question.

Staying inside is only temporary, so the social distancing can buy us time to work out feasible solutions. Life must go on.  That mandate includes a wide spectrum of needs like healthcare, business, school, social and psychological support. The list goes on.

Yes, it is a broad measure, but the government has had more than enough time to figure this out if they haven’t planned on it. Keeping people stuck inside should not be the only strategy.  It is not sustainable more than a limited period of time.

In other words, COVID-19 should not be driving our life and neither should the government.  We must be more proactive and responsible. Time to come up with alternatives to the staying-at-home order, so life can transition back to normal.

How would you rate government’s response to the COVID-19?

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1 Response to Alternative To Staying-at-home

  1. earthskyair says:

    Yup. Stuck inside is not a healthy plan, neither is fear. Proactive and responsible – I like it! 🌈 😊

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