The Lost Year?

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As the month of May coming to an end, it appears that 2020 will be a fateful year for hundreds and millions people. Over 360 thousand lives lost due to the pandemic, and close to 6 million people infected.  And the numbers are still growing.

Yesterday a 124 year tradition, the Boston Marathon, was  canceled  after first moved from April to to September of this year.  The announcement dashed the dreams of 31,000 runners who had registered and trained for the coveted race. All the hard work, poof!

And it is by no means an isolated case.  Other races for the year have also been canceled.  Same with May & June graduation ceremonies, pools, etc.  What realistically can people expect to happen? The answer is not a whole lot without the vaccine nor treatment.

Whatever you do, remember the three behaviors identified as best practices for reducing coronavirus transmission: 1) socializing outdoors, 2) maintaining distance from others, and 3) wearing face coverings.

What would you like to achieve this year in spite of the pandemic?

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2 Responses to The Lost Year?

  1. OmniRunner says:

    I really want to run a real race. I want to line up and feel that nervousness I feel just before the start of every race. That burst of adrenaline when the gun goes off and everyone blasts off.
    I’d like to achieve that in spite of the pandemic. But that is looking doubtful.


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