What’s New?

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June has arrived.  It’s a new month except nothing really feels new.

If anything, COVID-19, the force majeure, is causing businesses and schools to be closed. That has not changed.  Record unemployment, the greatest since Great Depression, has economy tanking. Only the prospect looks gloomier.

Government still preaches social distancing. Only the intervention is fraying our social fabric at the seams. Without vaccine or treatment, this month looks no better, probably worse, than last month.

So, what’s new?

As a response, I am starting today a 30-days of meditations project. After all, temperature is getting warm, and summer is getting close.  But the pandemic has people locked in a cycle of despair – nothing to look forward to.  Meanwhile, the world keeps on evolving.

Therefore I want to cultivate my mindfulness. Witness the sufferings due to the pandemic clearly and squarely. Accept what I can not change, and let go what does not serve me.  My goal is to execute this meditation exercise for 30 days, and possibly beyond.

What is new with you?

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Have You Got a Buddha Moment?

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